Maybe you’re a new generation artist hungry to learn more about immersive performance.Or maybe you’re a mid-career professional who wants to learn about our integrated approach to creative producing. If you’re interested in getting to know Outside the March and introducing yourself to the company, book a 30-minute get-to-know-you with one of our core team members!


These aren’t pitch sessions—they’re relaxed, no pressure conversations. We’d suggest approaching your coffee simply with enthusiastic curiosity, and we will too!


Book your Zoom or in-person coffee (or tea, etc.) using one of the calendar links below:

Ask Mitchell About: Artistic Direction; Immersive Creation; Directing; New Work Development; Site-Engagement. Season Planning.
Ask Katherine about:  Producing; Management; Care; Financial Management; Fundraising.
Ask Griffin about: Directing; Producing; New Work Development; Grant Writing. 
Ask Sébastien about: New Work Creation; Technology; Immersive Performance; Stakeholder Stewardship.