Outside the March is one of Canada’s leading immersive theatre companies. Since 2009 we’ve invited audiences to play in a kindergarten classroom, weather the apocalypse in an abandoned adult movie theatre, explore love stories in an old funeral home and many, many others.

The Creative Trust is for donors who want a direct connection to the art.

Outside the March is steadily moving to a new creation model, placing a priority on new work. The Creative Trust is stewarding that transition by ensuring that OtM maintains the world-class standard set by our previous productions.

Our Creative Trustees form a vital artistic sounding board and serve as the first audience all of OtM’s new work. As a donor you can help seed our newest projects from the start and watch them evolve into the epic immersive experiences that have become OtM’s trademark.                             

The Creative Trust gets access to exclusive showings, behind-the-scenes content and the artists that make Outside the March’s projects so compelling.

Donation Level: $1000/year

In addition to receiving charitable receipts, Creative Trustees:

  • Are invited to two exclusive “sneak peeks” per year of our work in development;
  • Are invited to our annual “State of the Art Summit” – a catered, in-depth discussion with Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman and other key Outside the March artists about the company’s past, present and future work;
  • Receive first access to all news, updates and ticket sales for all future Outside the March productions.


Dr. Silver: Audiences experience this immersive musical as funeral goers for a recently-deceased psychedelic cult leader – kool-aid and all. Dr. Silver is a co-production with Musical Stage Company by musical theatre wunderkinds Britta and Anika Johnson, who recently premiered Life After at Canadian Stage to critical acclaim. Premieres September 2018.

Beta’s Baby: A love letter to the lost art of browsing co-created by innovative video artist Nick Bottomley, performance-poet-in-residence Vanessa Smythe and OtM Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman. Set in the dying days of VHS rentals, Beta’s Baby propels audiences through storytelling encounters in a brick-and-mortar video rental shop.

A new Spontaneous Immersion collaboration with Rebecca Northan: Northan has received heaps of critical praise for her “spontaneous theatre” projects: semi-improvised theatre that make a single audience member the star of the show. Her play Blind Date has received more than 600 performances in three countries and earned her a Dora Award for her performance.

Golem’s Mighty Swing: A puppet adaptation of a graphic novel that follows the story of the Stars of David – a 1920s barnstorming, Jewish baseball team that travels small town America playing exhibition games. James Sturm’s graphic novel explores themes of prejudice, plagiarism, cultural appropriation and the cost of compromising one’s ideals.

Current Creative Trustees

Michael Decter
Chris Green
Rob Hall 

Stephen Farley 
Lou & Mary Pat Flores
Karen Franklin
Brett Purcell
Gale Rubenstein



Robert & Martie Sachs
Laurence & Judy Siegel
Kathy Siminovitch
David Staines
Les and Ellen Wallace
Joan Willingham
Nancy Wilson
Tamara Zielony