Downsview Airport Lands
123 Garratt Blvd
North York, ON M3K 1Y5


There is free parking on site here:


Make your way to Wilson Subway Station. The station is wheelchair accessible via an elevator, with bathrooms on street level.

By bus, take any of the following buses west along Wilson Ave. Take the bus 3 stops.
96B Wilson to Humberline & Albion Via Westhumber and Martin Grove
120 Calvington to Sheppard/Jane
118 Thistle Down to Thistle Down Via Tandridge
165 Weston Rd North to Steeles

Get off on Wilson Ave at Garratt Blvd.

Walk immediately north along Garratt Blvd about 500 metres. You’ll cross 4 side streets before arriving at Gilley Rd.

Continue straight, crossing Gilley Road heading north. Garratt Blvd now turns into a private road, and the sidewalk turns into a white- and yellow-painted pedestrian walkway, with a parking lot on either side.

Continue straight, heading north 85 meters until you reach a T-intersection at Hanover Road. You’ll see a three-storey building with “Bombardier Aerospace” on it. Head that way!

Use the painted crosswalks to cross to the north west corner of the T intersection, crossing Garratt Blvd west (10 metres) then crossing Hanover Road north (10 metres).

You’ve arrived! Follow the signs, walking another 10 metres north to the lobby entrance.


• It’s about 30 minutes. You can either use the directions above, and simply walk west from Wilson Station along Wilson Ave 1.4km until you reach Garratt Blvd before turning north on Garratt.

• Or go west on Wilson Ave. 650 metres. North on Beffort Rd 550 metres. Cut west through Avro Park 30 metres. Then west on Gilley Road 700 metres. As seen above.