MarchLAB is a series of theatre creation workshops led by OtM artists. 

As one of the companies at the forefront of the immersive theatre movement, Outside the March regularly seeks out opportunities to lead seminars and workshops about this growing discipline. Recent workshops have covered topics such as web design, playwriting, directing and producing for site-specific theatre. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss booking an Outside the March workshop for your arts organization, conference or educational program.

The Immersive Theatre Tool Kit

Led by Rosamund Small and Mitchell Cushman

Interested in creating an Immersive Theatre project, but not sure where to start? Dream big, think bold, and get started with a two-part workshop designed to take your ideas into active creation and planning mode.  

Part 1: Writing Immersive Theatre

This workshop will focus on how to think in a 3D, environmental way while you craft your narrative.  Build your immersive storytelling skills, and consider how an immersive form can serve your story.  Multiple storylines?  Alternate endings?  Site-inspired?  Participatory?  One-on-one?  Verbatim? Musical?  Were taking it all on!

Part 2: Directing, Producing, and More

Part 2 will focus on how to take your idea from page to the stage to the world!  Topics covered include: finding the perfect venue and harnessing its secrets, guiding the audience through the work, different models of immersive rehearsal practice, budgeting for your immersive project, and tools for grappling with the logistics of time and space!

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