Outside the March is thrilled to participate in the Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

2023/2024 Projects

Year of Retirement – Amanda Lin

Synopsis: YEAR OF RETIREMENT will use storytelling, verbatim interviews, and participatory crafting to explore our current relationship to labour in Canada, and how it could change for the better.

Bio: Amanda Lin 林美智 (she/her) is a queer Taiwanese-Canadian multidisciplinary artist. She is interested in using art to cultivate compassionate and dynamic communities. Her play, BETWEEN A WOK AND A HOT POT premiered with Cahoots Theatre and received 6 Dora nominations in the Independent category. Amanda enjoys lying on the floor.

77 Days With Dog 33 – Cullen Elijah McGrail

Synopsis: Described as “wild and wonderful” and “barrier-breaking in the best way” by Apt613, in this new immersive experience from certified Type 1 Diabetic, Cullen Elijah McGrail, you’re invited to scrub in for the game of Operation of a lifetime.

Bio: Cullen Elijah McGrail is an immersive theatre creator and award-winning playwright from rural Southwestern Ontario. His work often explores the ethics and morals surrounding science and conservation in the 21st century and how they intersect with the contemporary rural Ontarian identity and experience.

Slumber Party – Julie Phan

Synopsis: Hello world!

Bio: Julie Phan 潘家雯 will fuck you up. If this McGill dropout is looking for you, run.  She is a Toronto and Montreal-based, Viet-Hoklo multidisciplinary artist, arts manager and wholesome night dancer who barely graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in playwriting. She is best known for disappointing her father as well as her work with fu-GEN asian theatre company (double bill, fearless).

Untitled Steamship Show – Keavy Lynch

Synopsis: UNTITLED STEAMSHIP SHOW is an immersive experience inspired by family history, that brings the audience face-to-face with passengers on a 1920s transatlantic steamship, and asks what it means to live in search of adventure.

Bio: Keavy Lynch is a prodigal theatre creator and tv writer based in Toronto. She founded and ran indie company Empty Box Theatre for eight years, and is honoured to be getting back to her roots with OtM’s support on this project.

flip flop – Sydney Scott

Synopsis: FLIP FLOP is a poolside experience and audio play about childhood best friends discovering what it means to have a body in a world they would never choose to live in.

Bio: Sydney Scott is a trans-disciplinary artist from Toronto. They write sticky stories about bodies, twisted desires, and the moment a child’s perception of the world is changed forever. They want to explore what a playwright can ask of their audience and create art that dares people to care beyond themselves and their circle of loved ones.