Give the Gift of Immersive Connection

This Holiday Season you can deliver the gift of connection to someone who needs it: PAY-IT-FORWARD with Outside the March! 


We’ve been working to create meaningful moments of connection during isolating times. And we want to make sure everyone can access live performance regardless of their financial situation. Beneficiaries just had to sign up to our Pay-It-Forward list, no questions asked, and presto: free theatre tickets.

We launched our PAY-IT-FORWARD program with The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries last summer, delivering almost 400 free, one-on-one performance experiences thanks to our partners at SummerWorks, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Theatre Direct and St. Joseph’s Health Centre—and individual donors like you. From seniors to frontline healthcare workers to audience members with intellectual disabilities, the program allowed us to share moments of connection with those hardest hit by the isolating effects of the pandemic.

Now, our upcoming Solo Together series offers audiences three stories rooted in personal memoir. Creators Sébastien Heins, James Smith and Katherine Cullen will be sharing their journeys with mental and physical well-being through a series of nimble in-person and digital performances designed to combat pandemic isolation. Read more about The Itinerary, Lessons in Temperament, and Stupidhead!

That’s where you come in!

For every $25 donated, we can offer one free ticket to someone who needs it.

Have more than $25 lying around? Whoa, whoa, whoa, no need to brag, just donate in multiples of 25: $100 for 4 tickets, $500 for 20 tickets, a million dollars for… like, a lot of tickets!

Have less than $25? Don’t worry, there’s strength in numbers! Whatever you donate will go to our PAY-IT-FORWARD fund.

Donors to the Pay-It-Forward campaign will receive advanced access when Solo Together tickets go onsale.

Learn more about our Solo Together series: