Immerse yourself in a one-of-a kind immersive theatre training program: Outside the March is seeking Artistic Accomplices for our upcoming back-to-back series of productions, THE POPCORN DOUBLE FEATURE.


The Artistic Accomplice apprenticeship is a paid opportunity to gain hands-on experience as a collaborator on two major professional immersive projects. Accomplices work with our artistic and technical team to create the worlds of our productions, often serving as audience guides.

The apprenticeship also features one-on-one mentorship, workshops with veteran artists and access to desk space at OtM’s open concept office and studio. Over three dozen artists have graduated from the program over the past five years, working on productions like Dr. Silver, Jerusalem, TomorroLoveTM and Mr. Burns.


In July OtM will take over the Annex’s historic Queen Video, opening THE TAPE ESCAPE, an escape room-inspired experience in a brick-and-mortar VHS rental store. Then, this October OtM will transform Streetcar Crowsnest into a classic cinema for THE FLICK, Annie Baker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece. Artistic Accomplices will collaborate on the creation and implementation of both experiences.


JUNE: Approx. 20hrs creation and tech on The Tape Escape
JULY: Approx. 40hrs (2 activations per week, Wednesday to Sunday)
AUGUST: Approx. 12hrs (4 workshop sessions)
SEPTEMBER: Approx. 20hrs creation and tech on The Flick
OCTOBER: Approx. 48hrs (4 activations per week)
+ optional mentorship and networking activities

Participants must be able to commit to the hours per month listed above. We know, however, that Accomplices will likely be juggling other jobs and commitments. The program is designed to maximize flexibility.




We want submissions from artists passionate about immersive performance and who identify as new generation (or emerging, or whatever you call yourself!) – what’s important is that you’re in the process of embarking on – or transitioning to – a career in performance.

We create memorable communal experiences for all audiences, with an emphasis on including those who may not normally find themselves at the theatre. We strive to apply this inclusive vision to every part of the organization: on stage, in rehearsal, in our office and everywhere in between. We’re working to do more to extend that vision to our team: we strongly consider applicants who face systemic barriers based on their ethnicity, cultural background, orientation, gender, class and/or abilities.

We’re also interested in applicants from other sectors. Are you a dancer? Escape room geek? Filmmaker? As long as you’re comfortable interacting with audiences, we want to hear from you.

A fascination with the 1990s, escape rooms, board games, video games, puzzles, movies, pop culture and delicious, delicious popcorn is a bonus.


Send us:

✔ A single-page PDF including:

• Your name;
• Your phone number;
• A short paragraph about why the Artistic Accomplice Program is right for you at this moment in your career. 150 words MAX.

✔ A C.V.

ONE of the following:

• Create a short puzzle or game. It can have any form – digital, analog, video game, word game, collaborative, solitaire, anything. It must be sent to us via email (no hardware please). It must be independently playable by one or two players. We’re going to try to play/solve it, so it should be easily understood and take five minutes MAX start to finish, instructions included.
• Record a video of you making your favourite popcorn recipe. Two minutes MAX. Sent as a YouTube or Vimeo link.
• Write something about what movies mean to you. It can be a letter, an essay, a play, a monologue or something else. (Although honestly, maybe avoid poetry. Not saying don’t do it, just… it would have to be pretty mind-blowing poetry to make for a successful application. Don’t take that as a challenge. Don’t @ us.) Two pages MAX, 11-size type.

NOTE: the “MAX” lengths listed above are limits, not suggested lengths!

Send submissions with subject line “Artistic Accomplice Submission” to Griffin at 

New to applications like this? Don’t hesitate to email with questions or to ask about how we can tailor your application requirements to the ways you live/work/express yourself best.

May 17th, 2019 at 11:59 PM