A Community Target

Created by Robert Motum

On January 15, 2015, less than two years after they opened their first Canadian stores, Target announced that they would be discontinuing operations in Canada. At the time, the story was analyzed by every business critic and financial pundit on television; they spoke about numbers, shareholders, and stocks. However, what was strikingly absent from this conversation were the voices of the 17,600 Canadians who were losing their jobs.

A Community Target is a verbatim-documentary piece that shares these actual voices. Robert Motum conducted interviews with forty former employees of the retailer – from cashiers, to managers, to a CEO.

This piece is not an attempt to demonize a corporation; nor an attempt to humanize one. It is an attempt to complicate our relationship with large retail companies through the voices of their employees.

  • August 23rd to 28th, 2016
    (Excerpt part of The Pop-Up Experience)

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A Community Target Pop-Up Experience Partners

  • Co-Commissioned by Why Not Theatre
  • Sponsored by Koskie Minsky

2016 Forward March Pop-Up Creative Team

  • Master of Ceremonies – Robert Motum
  • Co-Conspirator – Ravi Jain
  • Producer – Michelle Yagi
  • Design Dramaturge – Samuel Sholdice
  • Associate Design Dramaturge – Anahita Dehbonehie
  • Interview Transcribers – Kaylin Epp, Emma Foster, Zac Gungl