A Gathering in Memory of Dr. Gordon P. Silver

Created by Britta and Anika Johnson

A Gathering in Memory of Dr. Gordon P. Silver is an experiment in immersive musical theatre.

When you enter the space, you become a guest at the memorial service of Dr. Gordon P. Silver – composer, philosopher and visionary leader of the Silver Foundation. You are hosted by his second wife, Caroline, and her two daughters, Vera and Harmony, as well as Dr. Silver’s lifetime assistant and friend Timothy Sweetman – and, of course, the ‘Silver Singers’.

Notably absent is his son from his first marriage, Gordon Jr, who was excommunicated from the organization in 1988.

To Dr. Silver and his followers, music is God. Music is what connects us with the divine. As such, the service will unfold entirely through music.

  • August 23rd to 28th, 2016
    (Excerpt part of The Pop-Up Experience)

The Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffalo

A Gathering in Memory of Dr. Gordon P. Silver Pop-Up Experience Partners

  • Co-Commissioned by Acting Up Stage
  • Bulmash – Siegel Fund

Forward March Pop-Up Performers

  • Caroline Silver – Jill Diane Filion
  • Vera Silver – Barbara Johnston
  • Harmony Silver – Rielle Braid
  • Timothy Sweetman – Bruce Dow
  • And the THE SILVER SINGERS choir (From Wexford Collegiate for the Performing Arts): Dallis Brinkman, Joanne Choi, Madison Claringbold, Tatyana Doran, Madelaine Hodges, Lauren Hundt, Taylor Lovelace, Mercedes Whonder.

Forward March Pop-Up Creative Team

  • Co-Conspirator – Mitchell Cushman
  • Producer – Michelle Yagi
  • Design Dramaturge – Ken MacKenzie
  • Track Production – Bram Gielen
  • Musical Staging – Barbara Johnston
  • Choir Master – Holly Shephard
  • Choral Advisor – Jeffrey Newberry
  • Venue Sponsor: Much thanks to the R.O.A.B Club and their membership