MMM: Sound Off Edition


An Outside the March, The Invisible Practice, and SOUND OFF Co-Production
Presented by SOUND OFF Festival


The zany investigative skills of the Ministry of Mundane Mysteries have swept the globe since summer 2020 when Outside the March launched their eccentric private investigator service.

Since then, thousands of calls have been placed and hundreds of cases solved, ranging from the persistent appearance of butterflies to a missing family heirloom later located in the forest.

In 2021 OtM presented The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries: ASL Edition, a digital version for Deaf audiences at the SOUND OFF Festival.

This year, The Ministry is back at SOUND OFF and proud to present their FIRST-EVER in-person case-cracking mystery-solvers who will work on stage with a different client each time!

No show will be the same – come see as many as you can and try to figure out the method to their madness!

This edition of Mundane Mysteries took place live on stage at the Backstage Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta. The performance was also streamed online at the same, allowing you to watch the show live from wherever you happened to be.

This production was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Now fund.

  • April 1 - 3, 2022

Backstage Theatre, Edmonton, AB



Cast & Creative Team

Co-Creators: Thurga Kanagasekarampillai & Connor Yuzwenko-Martin
Director: Griffin McInnes
Stage Manager: Alexandra Hickox
Designer: Madeline Blondonal
Producers: Thurga Kanagasekarampillai, Connor Yuzwenko-Martin & Laura McCallum
Deaf Consultant: Kayla Bradford
ASL Interpreter: Carmelle Cachero