Now We Are

by Gillian Clark

Welcome to Now We Are:
The Land of Never and Forever

This is where us underage kids come to get our first tattoos.
This is where we come to talk about never wanting to grow up and not growing up fast enough. This is where we come to tête-à-tête about feeling lost because we left.

It is here that we come to be a 17 year old kid, hit our vapes and smoke some j’s, and worry that some decisions can’t be unmade.

Now We Are, follows teenage PJ as he is getting his first ink. Inspired by Peter Pan, A.A. Milne and youtube tattoo tutorials, the piece examines what we have to forget in order to stay childlike. Are we the age that we are, or are we all the ages that we have been? Do some of us never grow up at all, or do some of us grow up too quick?

  • August 23rd to 28th, 2016
    (Excerpt part of The Pop-Up Experience)

Now We Are Pop-Up Experience Partners

  • The Emerald Foundation

Forward March Pop-Up Performers

  • PJ – Michael Chiem
  • Tattoo Artist – Emma Davey

Forward March Pop-Up Creative Team

  • Co-Conspirator and Sound Design – Christian Barry
  • Producer – Michelle Yagi
  • Design Dramaturge – Lindsay Dagger Junkin
  • Associate Co-Conspirator – Laura Vingoe-Cram