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open call for submissions

((( is anybody out there? )))

call and response has its roots in african music and is a pattern of democratic participation. this is a call. we would love to hear your response. 

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what is is a new internet radio station for storytellers. 

instead of an analog frequency dial, the stream of sound comes through an audio player on a website and, in our case, the sounds you hear are filled with stories from all across turtle island. uses the medium of radio to foster connection across distance, offering an invitation to listen and maybe even get to know each other a little better. while the pandemic has kept us apart, it also has brought us together by pushing us further online and creating the conditions for accessible, national collaboration. what if we stayed connected? 

from beneath the prairie skies of treaty one territory to the unceded coast salish lands on the west to the unceded mi’kmaq lands to the east and all the way into inuit territory in the north, this is an opportunity to tune into a constellation of stories that beam through the void to let us know we are not alone.

((( is anybody out there? )))

what’s the big idea?

july 2021 we are broadcasting “a day in the life of” to test this storytelling radio station idea, and we’d love for you to participate!

what are we looking for?

we are looking for audio content to be programmed as part of our pilot broadcast.

our single requirement is that it can exist in an mp3 (audio) file. other than that, the possibilities are endless!

radio dramas, cabarets, bedtime stories, comedy, character monologues, maybe even an audio-described cooking show? see below in the FAQ section for more ideas!

you can submit something that you’ve already created, or else come up with something brand new. is an audio stage that is interested in experimentation and imaginative play. 

who are we looking for?

we are seeking submissions from storytellers and creators who are excited to explore audio-based storytelling — black people, indigenous people, people of colour, disabled people, people from small towns, people from up north, people who speak a language other than english, peoples who speak english as a second language, immigrants, refugees, queer folks, trans folks, elders, youth, people who’ve been performing their whole lives and people who’ve never performed before now — everyone who has a story they want to share is welcome, and encouraged, to submit. 

we welcome wild ideas

we welcome authenticity

we welcome you

how to submit your idea

complete this google submission form which will ask you to include:

  • a short voice note mp3 (5 minutes maximum) introducing yourself and describing the piece you want to submit. 


  • if writing is your thing, a written proposal that tells us about yourself and your idea in 250 words or less 

the deadline for submissions is tuesday may 25th at 11:59pm. 

if your proposal has been selected you will receive notification by monday, june 7th. once selected, an mp3 file of your radio piece will be due by july 4th, 11:59pm. 

fee and support will offer a flat fee of $250 for all audio content that is selected. the content can be any length. in your application, please mention the length (for existing works), or imagined length (for new works), of the piece you would like to submit.

if you have any questions, creative or technical, at any point before you submit you can reach out to project manager lucy coren at you can also get in touch if you anticipate any access barriers in completing the submission form and we can design a submission process around your needs. 

if you anticipate any barriers to accessing recording equipment, or any additional access needs, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. let’s keep the conversation open! 

see the FAQ section below for more info!




frequently asked questions


who are you and why are you doing this?

we are a collective of diverse, equity-seeking theatre artists working together to explore the potential of an online radio station dedicated to storytellers on turtle island.

when the pandemic began and all the theatres closed, creator and performer bahia watson came up with the idea for a radio station for storytelling, as a way for theatremakers to keep making theatre. she reached out to outside the march theatre company and together they successfully applied to the canada council for the arts’ digital strategies fund to develop the idea further. lucy coren came on board as project manager and together they assembled an advisory council of artists from across the land to investigate all that an online radio station dedicated to storytelling could be. the initial research and consultation phase culminates in an experiment: a one day pilot broadcast, to test the idea and prove the concept. the hope is that this radio station can become a permanent platform for creativity and connection.

who makes up the selection committee?

once the deadline for submissions has passed, we will meet as a group to review and discuss each submitted proposal. the selection committee is made up of the following members:

bahia watson – project leader

lucy coren – project manager 

yolanda bonnell – advisory council member

jasmine chen – advisory council member

brad hodder – advisory council member

marie farsi – advisory council member

mitchell cushman – advisory council member / outside the march artistic director

griffin mcinnes – advisory council member / outside the march creative producer

what kind of support does offer?

our team is available to offer producing support to successful applicants on a variety of items, such as: audio and technical production, calculating licensing and royalties, and contracting. 

we also have a small inventory of professional recording equipment that is available to successful applicants. please identify in your application if you would benefit from this support and we can discuss shipping it over to you! is not responsible for acquiring any rights to material that you do not own, royalties, or contracting other artists you might be interested in working with.

i’m an actra member, or the artists i want to work with are actra members– will we need to be on an actra contract?

nope! has entered into an agreement with actra which states that all actra artists who submit their work to will be considered one-time “guests” and therefore do not require a contract. 

i can’t make a 1 hour radio show with $250, is that what you’re expecting?

neither could we! for this reason, we ask you to please be realistic about what you can achieve within the given timeframe and fee we are offering. maybe you have an audio drama you’ve already recorded and would like to present one more time, or maybe you have an auntie with an amazing story that you’d like to get on tape. maybe the piece you want to submit is 30 minutes long. maybe it’s five minutes. we want to hear it all. 

once i submit my content, who owns it?

you! does not hold any claim over your work before, during, or after the pilot broadcast. 

how long will it stay online?

your content will only be online during our pilot broadcast in july. just like a live piece of theatre or music, the magic is in being present for this one moment in time together, as your story streams online, before it’s gone. once the broadcast has ended, your file will be deleted because we do not own it and cannot stream it again without your permission.

when will my content be available to listen to?

the one day pilot broadcast date will be in july 2021. the exact date and time has yet to be confirmed. 

can i submit music?

absolutely! music, soundscaping, sound walking–any form a story takes which can be listened to through an online radio platform.

what other kinds of content can this platform host?

so many! here are some ideas we came up with that might get the wheels turning:


  • audio comic/audio graphic novel
  • audio musicals, full length and shorts
  • theatre fanfiction – beyond the stage, beyond the page
  • audio cabaret
  • seasonal specials
  • live readings and discussions
  • mystery serial
  • radio plays
  • soap operas
  • variety shows
  • situation comedies
  • children’s shows: ex. story time, lullaby
  • poetry readings
  • open mic nights
  • audio improv and sketch


  • radio documentary
  • highlight community storytellers ex. grandmas, aunties, where we hear from the storytellers amongst us
  • conversations: between artists, behind the scenes
  • curtain recall: cast reunions, memory lane
  • talkbacks, feedback sessions
  • speakers’ corner
  • behind-the-scenes/ behind the curtain: crew, arts admin
  • front of house perspectives 
  • artist-to-artist
  • news: updates on the goings on in canada as it relates to a broad spectrum of theatre, music, sound art, storytelling, openings, closings, casting announcements, job related, promotions
  • space for fireside chats with leaders
  • remote reporting
  • dressing room tales, theatre gossip, backstage drama
  • lightwalkers – discuss lighting design
  • memoirs
  • artist highlight: unsung theatre legends
  • blackout: discussing ephemeral impermanence





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