The Tape Escape

An Outside the March Experience
In Association with David Versus Goliath

Creative Team
Co-creators: Vanessa Smythe, Mitchell Cushman and Nick Bottomley
Production Designers: Anahita Dehbonehie and Nick Blais
Dramaturg: Griffin McInnes*
Assistant Video and Puzzle Designer: Allie Marshall**
Assistant Production Designers: Hans Krause, Julia Howman and Edith Nataprawira
Creative Technologist: Daniel Oulton
Sounds Designer: Bram Gielen
Interstitial Sound Designers: Christo Graham and Tucker Bottomley
Head painter: Edith Nataprawira
Head Carpenter: Andrew Chute
Escape Artists: Kayla Chaterji, Daniel Halpern, Madeleine Jung-Grennan and Bryanna Blackwell
Model Builder: Bryanna Blackwell
Blindness and Performance Consultant: Devon Healey

Producer: Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld
Associate Producer: Zoe Danahy
Associate Producer, Marketing: Rebecca Ballarin
Outside the March Director of Development: Adam Martens
Red Eye Media
Graphic Design:
Kinnon Elliot
Photography: Neil Silcox

*Thanks to the Metcalf Foundation
**Thanks to Theatre Ontario’s Professional Theatre Training Program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

The Tape Escape Clerks:
“Elise” – Rais Clarke-Mendes
“Meredith” – Kavone Manning
“Todd” – Francis Melling
“Chad” – Nick Porteous 
“Devon” – Danté Prince
“Lana” – Raylene Turner

The Tape Escape Managers:
“JP” – Tony Cushman 
“Liv” – Zoe Danahy

Artistic Accomplices:
Luke Avoledo
William Dao
Annie Luján
Abby McEachran
Evgenia Mikhaylova
Merlin Simard

The Tape Escape Donors
Leading Season Supporters
Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation
Tamara Zielony
Susanne Boyce
Q Media

Artistic Accomplice Program Lead Supporter
David Binet

Public Supporters
The Canada Council for the Arts
The Ontario Arts Council
The Toronto Arts Council

Annex Partners
Pi Co

Thank You:
6th Man Collective
Eloise Ballou
Nick Brownlee
Ishai Buchbinder
Jarel Cockburn
Madeleine Cohen
Katherine Cullen
David Daniels
Memphis Deville
Kat Dionne
Colin Doyle
Caitie Drewery
Mark Edwards
Paul Emmanuel
Tova Epp
Ian Epstein
Jake Epstein
Marie Farsi
Steven Field
Joey Formusa
Sam Gamper
Louis Gil
Katie Gorham
Sebastien Heins
Sherri Helwig
Hot Docs
Chala Hunter
Cyrus James
Lindsay Junkin
Japan Sushi
Kathy Kacer
Liam Karry
Heather Keachie
Amy Keating
Sarah Kester
Keenan Krause
Eliza Lane
Mark Ian Lazaro

David Lint
Liam Lockhart-Rush
Calum Lurie
Cameron Maclean
Roxanne Melliza 
Laurie Merredew
Alicia Mathlin
Dave Neilson
Remington North
Oyin Oledejo
Joanne O’Sullivan
Print Pop
Taggart Quinn
Red Propeller
Paul Robinson
David Rosenfeld
Gale Rubenstein
Jessica Sleeth
Paul Smith
Ksenjia Spasic
David Staines
Starvox Entertainment
Nancy Wilson
Austin Wong
Michelle Yagi
Jeff Yung
Larry Zack
Madison Zinger

And a very special THANK YOU to Howie and Penny Levman and the staff of QUEEN VIDEO!