No Save Points

Created and Performed by Sébastien Heins
Old-school pixelated gaming text reads

“A Play You Can Play”

An Outside the March Production
Presented by Starvox Entertainment
In association with Modern Times Stage Company
With support from Hilltop Studios and BMO Lab


June 6 – July 2
“Playtest” preview performances June 6-11
Lighthouse ArtSpace 1 Yonge St.


This June, creator/performer Sébastien Heins invites you to a joyous, high-octane, deeply personal adventure story, all experienced at the touch of a button. Video games, theatre and memoir collide as Heins places the control(er) in the hands of the audience, entrusting them to pilot his performance using state-of-the-art motion capture and haptic technology. 

Intimate and innovative, the piece is inspired by the real-life story of Heins’ mother being diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, a rare genetic illness. No Save Points is crafted for gamers and theatre-lovers alike, and explores the universal question: “what do we do with the time that we have?” 


How It Works

No Save Points is propelled by Heins’ virtuosic performance as he becomes a video game character before our very eyes. A select group of audience members will sit onstage in the “Player’s Pen” where they’ll use a wireless controller to direct Heins’ actions by sending signals to receivers located on his body. 

Later in the show, dozens more patrons will get to take their turn playing on the buttons, and by the end of the evening, the entirewhole audience will take control of the performance. Throughout it all, they will help our hero negotiate medieval court intrigue, save citizens as a caped crusader, side-scroll across a mysterious island and, ultimately, find himself anew on the dark side of the moon. 

So bring your A-B game.

Runtime: 2 hours and 15 minutes including an intermission.


No Save Points opens June 13th for a limited engagement, with select “Playtest Performances” available as of June 6th. Tickets are on sale for performances through June 25th. Artsworker/Under 30 tickets are available.

Limited $20 “BFF Seating” is also available. Remember staying up all night playing video games in your best friend’s basement? Re-live the feeling with our accessibly-priced BFF (“Basement-Feel Floor”) seats. These spots are front row on comfy cushions. Seats are extremely limited, with just eight available per performance. If for whatever reason you can’t sit on the ground, you may want to opt for one of our other seating options.

If the cost of tickets is a financial barrier to experiencing No Save Points, please email OtM’s Managing Producer, Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld ( ) to add your name to our Pay it Forward $0 ticket list, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Playtest Performances

Experience No Save Points before anyone else! This is a playable theatre experience, similar to a video game—and video games go through rounds of “beta” testing before they officially launch. So be a part of our Playtest Performance audiences and get the unique chance to help fine tune the experience before the show officially opens, meet the artists, and offer feedback.  

Pay It Forward Program

Give the gift of immersive performance! Inspired by the “caffè sospeso” (Italian for “suspended coffee”): a coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. Money raised through our Pay it Forward program helps to make sure that everyone can access live performance, regardless of their financial situation. Every dollar raised in the campaign goes directly to subsidizing free tickets to those who need it. 

VIP Tickets

Book a VIP ticket and get access to:

Reserved seats
Complimentary drink
Poster signed by Sébastien Heins
Laminate souvenir
Complimentary coat check

Accessibility + FAQ

The show deals with themes of illness. There is a limited amount of mature language throughout the performance.

For more about the show, including access and venue information, click on this link

The Huntington’s Society of Canada

Throughout the run, No Save Points will be raising funds for the Huntington’s Society of Canada, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by the fatal hereditary brain disorder, by facilitating support services, providing access to educational resources, increasing awareness, advocacy, and investing in research.

About The Team

A veteran and audience-favourite of the Toronto theatre scene since his debut at age 10 in Julie Taymore’s The Lion King, Heins has spent three seasons as a performer at the Stratford Festival, and played leading roles for Soulpepper, Factory Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times, Theatre Passe Muraille and Canadian Stage. His previous award-winning solo show Brotherhood: The Hip-Hopera has toured festivals around the world, from New York City to Mumbai.

Heins is the Associate Artistic Director and a founding member of Outside the March, one of Canada’s leading immersive theatre companies. Since 2010, OtM has premiered more than two dozen landmark and innovative productions including Trojan Girls, Lessons in Temperament, The Tape Escape, Dr. Silver, TomorrowLoveTM and the international pandemic phenomenon The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries. OtM is led by multi-Dora Award winning Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman, who co-directs No Save Points in collaboration with Heins. 

The show’s series of distinct playable worlds have each been co-conceived by a different acclaimed cross-disciplinary creator: Damien Atkins, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Rouvan Silogix, Aylwin Lo and Kemi King, with dramaturgical support from Dora award-winning playwright Rosamund Small.

Full crediting below. 

Read the press release here. 

  • June 6 - July 2, 2023

Lighthouse ArtSpace 1 Yonge St.

technical wonder of wizardry

Our Theatre Voice

No Save Points

Our Theatre Voice

Outside the March’s usual dynamism has fused with all the backseat gaming fun of a Twitch stream to create an experience that’s both strikingly new and surprisingly tender. Press A to start.


No Save Points


elaborate and visually extravagant

Drew Rowsome

No Save Points

Drew Rowsome

I feel like good immersive theatre is what it feels like to attend your first concert as a kid or what it must have first felt like to experience motion pictures with live orchestras; at its best, it feels NEW and NOW. It is not a cool party, it needs to change your life.

No Proscenium

No Save Points

No Proscenium

No Save Points is a heartfelt memoir […] that requires a tremendous performance from Heins, as he juggles the emotional heft of the narrative with physical feats and improvised crowd work.

CBC Arts

No Save Points

CBC Arts

It’s a testament to Sébastian Heins’ abilities as an actor that he is so dexterous and present in the game and the show

Slotkin Letter

No Save Points

Slotkin Letter

No Save Points


Read the full program here.


No Save Points

Created and Performed by Sébastien Heins
Directed by Mitchell Cushman and Sébastien Heins

An Outside the March Production
Presented by Starvox Entertainment
In Association with Modern Times Stage Company
With support from Hilltop Studios and the BMO Lab



Sébastien Heins – Creator/Performer/Co-Director
Mitchell Cushman – Co-Director
Anahita Dehbonehie – Set Designer
Heidi Chan – Sound Designer
Melissa Joakim – Lighting Designer
Laura Warren – Projection Designer
Niloufar Ziaee – Costume Designer
Lochlan Cox – Head of Props
Aidan Bridge – Props Assistant
Rosamund Small – Dramaturg and Story Editor
Alex Lyons – Illustrator/Poster Design
Stephen Surlin – Controller Designer
Aidan Wong – Lead Game Developer
Sébastien Heins – Level Designer
Youil Samara – 3D Modeler/Rigger/Animator
David Rokeby – Consultant/BMO Lab Director
Duncan Davies – Additional Music/Composition
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard – Co-Conspirator for the Prologue
Damien Atkins – Co-Conspirator for the game “Hopeful Monster”
Rouvan Silogix – Co-Conspirator for the game “Windrush Returns”
Aylwin Lo – Co-Conspirator for the game “Miasma”
Kemi King – Co-Conspirator for the game “The Itinerary”



Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld – Producer
Laura McCallum- Associate Producer
Griffin McInnes – Marketing Director
Allie Wood – Communications Designer
Suzanne Cheriton & Red Eye Media- Publicist
Morgan Murphy & Smithcom – Additional Publicity Support
Dahlia Katz – Photography
Carl Solis – Videography
Alex Lyons – Graphic Design/Illustration
Jared Olsever – Graphic Design/Illustration/Program Design
Lindsey Middleton – Digital Program Design


Tori Morrison – Production Manager
Farnoosh Talebpour – Stage Manager
Cindy Dzib – Audience Concierge
Josie Smith – Audience Concierge
Aidan Bridge – Head of Props
Gabrielle Milner – Production Assistant*
Christopher-Elizabeth – Technician
Matthew Pencer – Technician
Wesley Babcock-  LED technician
Matthew Koscic – Motion Capture Consultant
*Position supported by The University of King’s College Undergraduate Fellowship in Public Humanities


Corey Ross – President and CEO
Jessica Johnston- Producer and General Manager
Lee Widerick – Production Manager
Carla Selzer – Director of Marketing
Greg Jukes – Director of Digital Advertising



Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner
Jim and Sandra Pitblado
David Daniels and Kate Alexander Daniels
Josh Hellyer & Audrey S. Hellyer Foundation
Andrew and Hillary Cumming
Bulmash-Siegel Foundation
The Stanley Shalom Zielony Foundation
Emerald Foundation


Canada Council for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
Government of Canada
Inspirit Foundation
Metcalf Foundation
Rama Gaming House and Charitable Gaming
TD Ready Commitment
Toronto Arts Foundation 



Bramble Theatre Company – No Save Points (previously called The Itinerary) was workshopped in 2020 by the ensemble of Bramble Theatre in Chicago, Illinois


The Kick & Push Festival

Kick & Push Festival – No Save Points (previously called The Itinerary) was workshopped as a part of the 2020 Kick & Push Festival in Kingston, Ontario” 


Theatre Gargantua – No Save Points (previously called The Itinerary) received the support of an OAC “Recommender Grant for Theatre Creators” in 2020 from Theatre Gargantua



BMO Lab for Creative Research in the Arts, Performance, Emerging Technologies and AI and David Rokeby & Pia Kleber

Hilltop Studios Support and Artiom Komarov & Scott Christian

Sheridan’s SIRT Centre and Wlad Bronowicki, Jason Hunter, James Rowan & Mike Darmitz

Matthew Koscic, Nick Dobrijevic, & Alec Brady

Supported by