by Me Time

Announcing the World Premiere of R.A.V.E., a transformational dancefloor seminar designed to unlock your true potential with the power of dance.

Created, co-directed and performed by Me Time
Co-devised and co-directed by !Kona
An immersive experience brought to you by
The R.A.V.E. Institute and Outside the March
 in association with Luminato Festival Toronto


This June, be the first to experience an innovative ritual of R.A.V.E. technology, dance music, and immersive narrative guided by visionary DJ and techno-futurist The Founder. No rave experience required.



June 9, 2024 – 8PM
June 12, 2024 – 8PM

Regular Performances
June 13 – 16, 2024 – 8PM

The R.A.V.E. Institute
Secret location in North York – TBA
Near Wilson Subway Station – parking available

Approximate runtime
135 minutes

R.A.V.E. was commissioned and developed by Outside the March as part of our TD Forward March Program. Read more here.


Wait, so, what is this? Is it a rave? Is it performance? Is it real? Is it fiction?



Please oh please answer the question.

It’s a mashup. It’s part dance party, part theatrical experience, part self-help parody. 

If you still have questions after this FAQ, shoot us an email and we’ll answer them… probably.


Do I have to dance?

Are you breathing? ✅ Is your heart beating? ✅ Then you are dancing! 

This is a playful interactive and participatory experience on the dancefloor where dancing is encouraged. You’ll be invited to fully participate at your own pace, physical ability and comfort level. 

Worried about your dance moves? Feeling self-conscious? Or just not at home on the dancefloor? That’s okay! You won’t be put on the spot or in the spotlight. A curious, open mind is all you need!

We welcome those using mobility devices and who can’t stand for long periods of time. Dancefloor seating will be provided so that you can be part of the action. 

No matter your definition of dance, you’re in good hands at The R.A.V.E. Institute. 


Where can I learn more about accessibility at R.A.V.E.?

A comprehensive venue and accessibility guide is coming. In the meantime, feel free to email info@outsidethemarch.ca with questions. 


Where is the venue? Why is it a secret?

It’s at The R.A.V.E. Institute head offices, somewhere in North York near Wilson station. It’s a secret because it’s a secret… don’t worry, you’ll know well in advance so you’ll be able to plan your trip.


Who is The R.A.V.E. Institute?

They’re a secretive tech startup and our co-producing partner. Their mission is to cultivate human potential and social change through communal dance experiences…
Join the movement at rave.institute 

2024 Spring Season

R.A.V.E. by Me Time completes our founder-focussed Spring 2024 Season, joining our upcoming production of A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney by Lucas Hnath. 

Meet two complicated corporate founders as they grapple with late-stage capitalism, retro-futurism and the dystopian hubris of utopian thinking

It’s a cool season for a warming world.


The R.A.V.E. Institute
Secret location in North York - TBA



Produced by Outside the March and The R.A.V.E. Institute in association with Luminato Festival Toronto

Created, co-directed and performed by: Me Time
Co-devised and co-directed by: !Kona
Developed by: Griffin McInnes
Development and directing support by: Mitchell Cushman

Lighting Design by: Nick Blais
Sound Design and Composition by: Amine Bouzaher
Environmental Design by: Leigh van Maaren
Choreography and Movement Design by: Dreamwalker Dance in collaboration with the performing artists
Costume Design by: Diséiye

Performing Artists:
Chenise Mitchell
Ashley Perez
Wellesley Robertson III
Raoul Wilke

Production Manager: Tori Morrison
Producers: Lucy Coren and Griffin McInnes
Associate Producer: Laura McCallum
Audience Concierge: Sébastien Heins
Promotional Graphic Design: Carly Fridhandler and Jared Olsever 
Promotional Photography: Dahlia Katz
Script Coordinator: Morghan Watson

Graphic design by Carly Fridhandler of Scorpion Sorbet
Photography by Dahlia Katz
Costume by Diséiye
Makeup by Rahsthetics

R.A.V.E. was commissioned and developed by Outside the March as part of the TD Forward March program. It was developed with the support of Dreamwalker Dance Company, The Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism, Summerworks, and TO Live’s explorations Initiative. It has been supported by the TD Ready Commitment, Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council.

With thanks to the dramaturgical contributions of co-conspirators Alicia Richardson and Amy Keating.

Me Time is a DJ, techno-futurist, and founder of The R.A.V.E. Institute, who engages dance music, interactive technology, and speculative fiction for social change. They elevate the dancefloor as ‘more than a party,’ harnessing its transformative power to create collective utopias – where tapping into ancestral wisdom, sharing limited resources, engaging in ecstatic somatic rituals, and forging deep connections allow us to recognize our agency in building radical new worlds. As a co-founder of Bass Witch Coven, Me Time is a champion of intentional safer spaces that create fertile ground for self-expression, connection, and play. Their DJ sets are an emotional journey of infectious energy and genre infusions, where bass is the common denominator.


Laura Dinner and Richard Rooney
Sandra Pitblado and Jim Pitblado
David Daniels and Kate Alexander Daniels
Josh Hellyer & Audrey S. Hellyer Family Foundation
Andrew Cumming and Hillary Cumming
The Stanley Shalom Zielony Foundation
Bulmash-Siegel Foundation
Emerald Foundation

Canada Council for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
Government of Canada
Metcalf Foundation
Hilary & Galen Weston Foundation
Rama Gaming House and Charitable Gaming
TD Ready Commitment
Koskie Minsky


Dedicated to Lady Wiggles whose light continues to shine bright through this piece. 

Additional thanks from The Creators:
Those who have opened their homes and hearts to us: Adil Dhalla-Kim, Happie Micha Edwards and the RESET team, Andrea Zanin, Martha Burns, Pastor bob (Woodbine Heights Baptist Church), Carol Brown, The Music Gallery (Sanjeet Takhar), Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism (Jessica Kirk, Mila Mendez, Elizabeth Mudenyo, Natalie Wood, Rochelle Ellar, all my Fellowship cohort).

Those who have collaborated and contributed to five years of development:
Outside the March (Mitchell Cushman, Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld, Griffin McInnes, Laura McCallum, Sébastien Heins, Allie Wood, Jeff Ho, Nick Blais) Dreamwalker Dance Company, Morghan Watson, Amy Keating, Karl Skene and Calder Ross, Jaz Fairy J, Alicia Richardson, Patrick Hart, Syrus Marcus Ware, Diséiye, Carly Fridhandler, Valerie Soo, Farah J.S., Fisher James, FWI Media (Kevin Gallant, Karis Malszecki, Gordon Graham), Brendan Wyatt, Sahara Morimoto, Elenna Mosoff, Wild Soma (Andrea Nann, Roula Said, Julie Applin, Shannon Litzenberger), Maylee Todd, Kristyn Gelfand, Falling Motion, all 80 PORTAL participants, TOLive (Josephine Ridge, Lani Milstein), Gaitrie Persaud, Annie Luján, ThermaKota (Linda Lundstrom and Joel Halbert), Black August Residency (faculty and participants), John Beale, SummerWorks (Laura Nanni, Jayna Mees, Rachel Penny) Soulpepper HerWords Residency, Adam Barrett, Olaf Boswijk, 

Those who have offered love and support:
Ryan Collins-Swartz, Susan Barrable, Gene Tishauer, Joanna Ebbutt, Art Samuel, Harriet Collins, Bernie Swartz, Jessica Mary Clayton, Margaret Evraire, Morgan Switzer-Rodney, Simone Aduah-Rose Blais, David Bloom, Jivesh Parasram, The Campers+

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