SOLO TOGETHER: Stupidhead!

by Katherine Cullen & Britta Johnson

Outside the March is embarking on a site-specific reimagining of the award-winning musical comedy Stupidhead!  Written and performed by Katherine Cullen and Britta Johnson, and directed by Aaron Willis, Stupidhead! is about the glamour of failure and the celebration of futility. It’s about being a kid with a lot of dyslexia and not being able to fit in—and how being a human is really embarrassing. All of the time. “…riotously funny, musically charming, and emotionally resonant… a perfect blend of humour, heart, and soul.” (Kingston Theatre Reviews). OtM will bring Stupidhead! back to Toronto in a new immersive production planned to inhabit both indoor and outdoor venues in the spring of 2021.


is part of OtM’s 20/21 Solo Together series: three performer-created immersive memoirs exploring mental health, wellbeing and how individual minds filter and navigate our world. While our usual ways of creating intimacy are challenging in this moment, each of these shows offers the possibility for audiences to connect with their own humanity by experiencing someone else’s. Solo Together is designed to provide a forum for introspection, self-knowledge and care as all of us grapple with isolation and loneliness.

OtM will share these stories across in-person and digital platforms over the next year, responsive to evolving health and safety precautions.

The Solo Together Series also includes:

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Learn more about our Pay-It-Forward program that donates tickets to Stupidhead! to those who need them most.

  • Summer 2021


Cast & Creative Team


Katherine Cullen – Writer / Performer
Britta Johnson – Co-Songwriter / Performer
Aaron Willis – Director
Anahita Dehbonehie – Set & Costume Design
Jennifer Lennon – Lighting Design
Colin Doyle – Producer