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I'll Be Your Future
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Created by: Sébastien Heins. Co-Directed by: Albert Huh. Written by: Rosamund Small, Sébastien Heins, and Mitchell Cushman. Effects by: Philip Bowser. Coordinated by: Kate Sandeson. Featuring: Katherine Cullen, Oyin Oladejo, Sherry Hsu, Alistair McGee, Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld, Jayden Rosenfeld, Tony Cushman.


an Outside the March experience

Written by Rosamund Small
Directed and Developed by Mitchell Cushman

An intimate immersive encounter that imagines the future of romantic connection.

Navigate your way through a series of simultaneously-unfolding duets, in which innovations in technology grant physical transformation, time and space travel, immortality, the extraction of the human soul, and a fridge that expands to hold infinite groceries—all in the name of love.

If you roll over in bed and reach for your iPhone, if you store more memories on your feed than in your brain, if you’ve ever longed to upgrade yourself or your partner, then welcome to TomorrowLove™.

From the creative team behind Vitals (2014 Dora Awards for Outstanding Production and Outstanding New Play).

Featuring an ensemble of Toronto’s leading performers—Damien Atkins, Katherine Cullen, Paul Dunn, Amy Keating, Cyrus Lane, Mayko Nguyen, Oyin Oladejo and Anand Rajaram. Come fall in love with what is yet to come.

“Rosamund Small is set to be the next big thing in Toronto theatre”

- The Globe and Mail

Performance Dates

Limited Engagement

November 19th to December 18th

The Aorta - 733 Mount Pleasant Road

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  • Damien Atkins
  • Katherine Cullen
  • Paul Dunn
  • Amy Keating
  • Cyrus Lane
  • Mayko Nguyen
  • Oyin Oladejo
  • Anand Rajaram

Creative Team

  • Rosamund Small – Playwright
  • Mitchell Cushman – Director and Developer
  • Michelle Yagi – Producer
  • Anahita Dehbonehie – Scenic Design
  • Nick Blais – Lighting Design
  • Lindsay Junkin – Costume Design
  • Richard Feren – Composition and Sound Design
  • Kate Sandeson – Stage Management
  • Robert Binet – Choreographer
  • Alanna McConnell – Production Management / Technical Direction
  • Llyandra Jones – Assistant Director
  • Griffin McInnes – Assistant Director
  • Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld – Production Consultant

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