This form is intended for Outside the March company members who wish to submit information or a complaint in relation to our Code of Conduct.

Outside the March company members are defined as all employees (including full-time, part-time, temporary, probationary, casual and contract and independent contract staff), clients, Board members, associates, volunteers and stakeholders of any kind.

Before submitting, please take the time to review our Code of Conduct and Reporting Process .

Once you've clicked "submit," the form will be sent to OtM Managing Producer Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld and Board of Directors Safe Workplace Representative (Board Rep.) Eloise Ballou. If your complaint is about the Managing Producer, you have the option of sending it instead to Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman and the Board Rep.

Upon receiving it they will promptly connect with you in your preferred mode of communication to set up a conversation that will help inform any future action and will to the utmost extent possible take into account your goals. It is our hope to make this process as clear and unbiased as possible as we navigate the delicate nature of our community/work environment and the unique nature of each situation. This complaint and any following steps in the complaints process will be kept as confidential as possible.

This form includes an option to submit anonymously in case you wish to inform the company of some pertinent piece of information but do not want to be involved further. PLEASE NOTE: while provided for the sake of your safety, submitting anonymously prevents the company from directly helping you and severely reduces the company’s ability to pursue consequences if there’s been a Code violation.

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