Outside the March is one of Canada’s leading immersive theatre companies. Since 2009 we’ve invited audiences to play in a kindergarten classroom, weather the apocalypse in an abandoned adult movie theatre, explore love stories in an old funeral home and many, many others.

The Creative Trust is for donors who want a direct connection to the art.

The Creative Trust is a group of dedicated Outside the March supporters who are interested in contributing towards the development of new work, while engaging directly with the work as it evolves. 

In recent years, Outside the March has moved towards a new artistic programming model, which places a priority on developing wholly original large-scale immersive experiences. The Creative Trust is the life force of this undertaking, by ensuring that OtM has the resources to build upon the world-class standard set by our previous productions.

Our Creative Trustees provide a vital artistic sounding board and all-important first audience for OtM’s burgeoning projects. As a donor, you can help seed our newest creations from their inception, and watch them evolve into the epic immersive experiences that have become OtM’s trademark.                                

The Creative Trust gets access to exclusive showings, behind-the-scenes content and the artists that make Outside the March’s projects so compelling.

Donation Level: 

In addition to receiving a full charitable receipt for their donation, Creative Trustees:

• Are invited to a minimum of two exclusive “sneak peeks” per year of our new works in development.  These opportunities allow Trust members to peek behind the curtain to see how the work evolves over time;

• Are invited to our annual “State of the Art Summit” – a catered, in-depth discussion with Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman and other key Outside the March artists about the company’s past, present and future work;

• Receive first access to all news, updates and any ticket pre-sales for all future Outside the March productions.


Dr. Silver: Audiences experienced this immersive musical as funeral goers for a recently-deceased psychedelic cult leader – kool-aid and all. Dr. Silver is a co-production with Musical Stage Company by musical theatre wunderkinds Britta and Anika Johnson. Received its world premiere at Toronto’s Heliconian Hall in Fall 2018.

The Tape Escape: A love letter to the lost art of browsing co-created by innovative video artist Nick Bottomley, performer/creator Vanessa Smythe and OtM Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman. Received its world premiere in a Toronto storefront at Bloor and Bathurst in Summer 2019.

The Golem’s Mighty Swing: A puppet adaptation of a graphic novel that follows the story of the Stars of David – a 1920s barnstorming, Jewish baseball team that travels small town America playing exhibition games. Received its world premiere with the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre in Fall 2019. 

If you are interested in joining The Creative Trust, please email General Manager, Laura McCallum at laura@outsidethemarch.ca

Current Creative Trustees

Naomi Blackman, Simon Bloom, Dorothy Engelmen, Paula Fleck & Anna Simone, Karen Franklin, Andrew Gillespie, Chris Green, Rob Hall, Shari Hollett, Kent James, David Lint, Michael MacMillan, Phil Morcos, Burke Paterson & Jacqueline Allard, Brett Purcell & Bronwyn Gray, Josée Rheault, Gale Rubenstein, Katherine Siminovitch, Robert Sirman,  Andrew Smith & Ruth Bothern, Andra Takacs & Bryan Davies, Jasmine Spei, Diane Walker & Rob Bell, Les & Ellen Wallace, Joan Willingham, Austin Wong, and Tamara Zielony.