Outside the March is seeking an Associate Director for an immersive theatre production currently in development. The project in question has yet to be publicly announced; shortlisted applicants will be provided with more information about the project.  

We are specifically enthusiastic to receive applications from members of the IBPOC community (Indigenous, Black, and/or Persons of Colour) and equity-seeking groups (on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, class, cultural background, ability, and any other intersectional identities). Through this position and other initiatives, we are excited to nurture a new generation of immersive theatre artists who may not have been historically served by our industry due to systemic barriers, which Outside the March is accountable for its role. We are working operationally and artistically to provide safe, enriching and equitable spaces for a more plural range of artists to take centre stage. Our goal is to mentor and help envision a more equitable future with these artistic leaders in the spotlight, in an industry that needs their unique vision and voice.

OtM is currently developing a large-scale immersive and site-specific theatre piece written by Gillian Clark, to be workshopped throughout 2021, further developed in Winter 2022, and premiered in Toronto in Summer 2022. We seek an Associate Director to participate in each stage of the development process and throughout rehearsals—over Zoom and in-person when safety permits. Clark’s ambitious project involves multiple scenes unfolding simultaneously in two locations, allowing the opportunity for the Associate Director to frequently run their own rehearsal room in tandem with the project’s director (and OtM Artistic Director) Mitchell Cushman. The Associate Director will also actively participate in the dramaturgical process with Clark, Cushman and OtM Company Dramaturg Jeff Ho. 

We anticipate this role will be a hybrid: both a professional-level directing contract, as well as a mentorship opportunity with Cushman and the Outside the March team, specifically geared towards developing an immersive theatre creation and directing practice. With this in mind, we’ll work with the successful candidate to cater their contract and mentorship based on their interests and experience. Previous experience with directing is an asset but by no means a requirement (and this can include a large body of directing work, but could also be assistant-directing and other relevant theatre experience). Most important is a specific desire to engage with site-specific / immersive work as a director—even if applying for this position is your first step towards that goal! 

Responsibilities include: contributing to creative decision making, working with actors on text and performance, dramaturgical work with the playwright and team, meeting with designers, production meetings, prep, planning, table reads/workshops, rehearsals, the creative aspects of producing unique to immersive work, and participation in several out-of-town workshop periods with partner companies across the country. The Associate Director’s voice, opinions, creativity and direction will be valuable and important to the process; this is not a chance to “sit-in,” but rather to help steer a large ship from table-read to opening night. You will be responsible for participating in key directing decisions and leading scene-specific rehearsals, with the support of Cushman and the OtM creative team. 

Our hope with all artistic hires is to develop professional relationships that continue well into the future—this is especially true given this role’s two-year minimum commitment. 



This is both a learning experience and an essential role on a large-scale production. We’re looking for a candidate who is fully available for:

Year 1

  • February 1st – 6th, 2021
  • March 1st – 6th, 2021
  • May 31st – June 12th, 2021
  • Up to four additional weeks, to be scheduled for the Summer of 2021 (likely outside of Toronto). 

Year 2
Up to an additional 10-12 weeks of work during the ‘21/’22 season, to be scheduled.

*all dates are subject to change.

The position is Toronto-based. Likely some of the schedule, particularly in Year 1, will involve remote-based (Zoom) work. For national applicants, we’re game to think creatively about how to make it work—there is some budget for travel, but not for the entirety of the contract. Shoot us an email if you have questions. 


The Associate Director will be compensated on a full-time weekly basis at a rate of $750/week for the workshop and rehearsal weeks, with additional compensation offered for prep time.  

Approximate Compensation for Year 1 of work: $6750 (estimate based on nine weeks of work). The exact number of weeks is subject to change. For workshop weeks held outside of Toronto, OtM will cover the costs of travel, accommodations and provide a per diem. 



1. 400 words or a short video (max three minutes) on why you want to do this, and how this experience would align with your artistic trajectory

We’d love to hear about why you’re interested in this role. Here are some questions to jump start your imagination, feel free to answer as many of these as you feel applicable: What is your relevant directing experience, or other relevant theatre/art-making experience? How does your identity inform your art-making? Why are you curious about large scale immersive experiences? How does Outside the March align with your theatre practice? What would you like to learn from this experience? What about this experience would be new to you? What relevant skills could you bring to this process?

We want to find a team member whose current artistic interests align with Outside the March’s artistic values. In thinking about whether you could be a strong fit, consider our past programming and whether you want to learn about—and work on—shows like ours! Most of our shows are:

a) “Immersive” and/or “Site-Engaged”

We don’t make immersive and site-engaged work for its own sake: first and foremost we want to support compelling, vital storytelling. That being said, often we find that “immersing” our audiences beyond the traditional proscenium theatre model can help tell those stories—and sometimes that means engaging with a venue’s specific history, geography and/or architecture. Not all of our projects are site-specific, but most of them are immersive in one form or another.

b) Ambitious in scope and vision

Many of our projects are ambitious in some way. Often that means they’re large-scale in terms of cast size, runtime, location, design etc. But even our smaller-scale productions have larger-scale dreams. 

c) Narrative Driven

We’re deeply interested in engaging disciplines beyond theatre, but there’s no getting around the fact that many of our projects are steeped in a narrative, text-based practice. Even 2019’s The Tape Escape, our escape-room inspired experience, had a text-based, narrative backbone. 


  1. 2. CV

Please send us an up-to-date Artists CV. Include your name, email, phone number, pronouns and any self-identifications you think we should consider. 


3. (Optional) Bio

You can also include an additional bio if you feel it illuminates your work and interests.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Tuesday, January 5th at 11:59 pm EST


  • Artist Statement or Letter (400 words max) or link to a video* (max three minutes)
  • Artist CV
  • Optional Bio

Please submit your application as a SINGLE .pdf with the subject line “Associate Director Application”, to Jeff Ho at applications@outsidethemarch.ca. 

*If your application includes media (video, audio, etc.), please include appropriate links and passwords to your files hosted online (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, whatever.). DO NOT send whole media files or download links (Dropbox, WeTransfer). Links must remain active for at least three months from the submission date.

If you’re new to applications like this or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Jeff Ho. We will work with you so that we can best support you in your submission.

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of several members of the project’s core team: Mitchell Cushman, Gillian Clark, Jeff Ho, and Sébastien Heins. Select applicants will engage in a further stage of conversation with OtM where we may ask for more material. 



Mitchell Cushman, Director (and mentor for the position)

Mitchell is a director, playwright, arts educator and founding Artistic Director of Outside the March, one of Canada’s leading immersive theatre companies. His work has been seen on stages as large as the Royal Alexandra Theatre, in spaces as intimate as kindergarten classrooms and living rooms, and in locales as far-flung as London, New York, Whitehorse, Edinburgh, Munich, Finland and Japan. Recent Directing Credits include: The Flick, The Tape Escape, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, Dr. Silver, Jerusalem, Lessons in Temperament, TomorrowLoveTM, Treasure Island, Breath of Kings, Possible Worlds (Stratford); Brantwood (Sheridan); Hand to God, The Aliens (Coal Mine); Merrily We Roll Along (YES Theatre); The Curious Voyage, I, Claudia (TIFT). Recipient of the Siminovitch protégé award, three Dora Awards for Outstanding Production, a Dora Award for Outstanding Direction and the Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award for Best Director.


Gillian Clark, Playwright

Gillian Clark is a multidisciplinary theatre creator and the artistic co-director of Keep Good (Theatre) Company. She resides in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, with a large part of her heart in K’jipuktuk/Halifax. She is a recent graduate of the National Theatre School’s playwriting program and her work has been presented nationally and internationally. Her plays include: The Ruins (commissioned by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre), Drums and Organs (commissioned by Fountain School of the Performing Arts), and Let’s Try This Standing (her touring solo show and pick of Now Magazine’s Best of the Fest for Outstanding Performance at Summerworks Performance Festival).  She has held residencies with Outside the March, 2b theatre and Two Planks and a Passion Theatre.  She is a two-time nominee for Best New Play at the Nova Scotia Robert Merritt Awards and runner-up for the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s 2019 RBC Emerging Playwright Award. Upcoming writing projects include: The Game and Adventures with Keep Good (Theatre) Company. 


Join the OtM team! We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with our many events and productions throughout the year.

Volunteer roles include:

  • Ushers and ticket takers at OtM productions and events
  • Wait staff and bartenders OtM’s annual gala and other special events
  • Greeters and coat check staff at OtM events
  • Delivery of advertising and marketing materials
  • Various production-specific needs

Volunteers will also be entitled to a complimentary ticket for an Outside the March production.