Oh, The Humanity (and other good intentions)

by Will Eno

A football coach waxes philosophical to the media after a disastrous losing season; an airline spokeswoman tries to find the beauty in tragedy; two lonely souls lay themselves bare before a video dating service; a pair of photographers work to recreate the perfect photo. Four snapshots of unassuming and accidental poets.

  • July 27th – 31st, 2010

Let all the blessings rain down upon this company and their plays in found spaces

Paula Citron

Oh The Humanity

Paula Citron

Oh The Humanity

Cast & Creative Team


  • Alex Derry as The Coach
  • Ella Bedard as The Flight Attendant
  • Amy Keating as Lady
  • Sébastien Heins as Gentleman
  • Madeleine Cohen as The Photographer
  • Paul Beer as The Assistant

Creative Team

  • Simon Bloom and Mitchell Cushman – Directors
  • CJ Astronomo – Lighting Design
  • Patrick Gregoire and Simon Bloom – Sound Design
  • Matt Buckman – Artistic Accomplice
  • Zani Showler – Publicity
  • Chloe Cushman – Poster Illustration and Design