The Stream You Step In

An Anthology by Elena Eli Belyea, Karen Hines, David Yee & Marcus Youssef

This co-production from The University of Windsor and Outside the March is an anthology of original plays commissioned specifically for the School of Dramatic Arts’ graduating BFA students occurring entirely over Zoom. Through the project, OtM is supporting some of Canadian theatre’s pivotal playwriting voices: Elena Eli Belyea, Karen Hines, David Yee and Marcus Youssef.


good white men
by David Yee

A first-person POV digital deep dive into the heart of the white ally industrial complex. Three young men on their journey to allyship get derailed by a neighbour who does all the right things in all the wrong ways.

Directed by Sébastien Heins

Featuring: Jack Dewar, Gareth Finnigan, Dustin Sedore, Dan Stanikowski



The River of Forgetfulness
by Karen Hines

Four bright young artists grapple with a poisonous living situation. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”… they quickly learn is a meaningless platitude.

Directed by Griffin McInnes

Featuring: Alison Adams, Sam Cranston, Katelyn Doyle, Caleb Pauzé



The Jubilant
by Elena Eli Belyea

Thistle films an apology video. Blake and Alistair attend couples therapy. Natali plans to live forever. Love, loss and longing intersect in this new work written for and about the internet.

Directed by Kim McLeod

Featuring: Jonathan Lombard, Marissa Rasmussen, Bethany Joy Radford, Juli Docherty 


Thank You for Your Labour
by Marcus Youssef

A group of white students is organizing an online music show to show solidarity with their racialized peers. For tonight’s meeting, they’ve invited the faculty’s only brown student to join them. Good intentions meet unspoken desires in this Zoom comedy about whiteness, isolation, and how hard it can be to do the right thing.

Directed by Mitchell Cushman

Featuring: Caitlin Jasulaitis, Alannah Pedde, Elena Reyes, Brennan Roberts

  • November 5 - 8 and 19 - 22, 2020


Awesome seeing how we’re evolving beyond just doing stationary plays where we act in Zoom boxes. Two exciting, bold, fucked up shows that turned two houses into mobile viral TV nightmare mazes.

- Aaron Jan
Outside The March
- Aaron Jan
Outside The March