The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries

Sparking Connections through Telephonic Investigation
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“made-to-measure… executed so generously… [The Ministry] asked about my world, listened and then let me slip free of it, at 10-minute intervals.”

The New York Times

Your final chance to catch the internationally renowned telephone experience!

Last Call: A Mundane Mysteries Marathon

December 9 – 10, 2022

The Ministry’s inspectors are finally hanging up their trenchcoats—but not before being called up for one last stack of cases.

After 31 months of continuous mystery-solving, Outside the March is set to offer the grand finale of our wildly-successful phone-based immersive theatre experience with a 24-hour mystery-filled blowout extravaganza.

Last Call: A Mundane Mysteries Marathon will see performers from across Canada solve mysteries for audiences around the world, one household at a time. This is the last chance (for now…) to experience the production’s signature blend of improvised, customized, family-friendly, one-on-one telephone storytelling.

From 7PM December 9th to 7PM December 10th audiences can sign up for a 1-hour performance experience delivered right to their telephones in English, with a limited number of experiences available in French, and a limited number of ASL experiences via Zoom.

And in a departure from our recent performances, each mystery will be an ensemble experience, with multiple performers appearing on every call. That includes cameos from past performers and from our international bureaus in Lima and Chicago thanks to our friends at Animalien and Bramble Theater.

In addition to mysteries being solved all day and night, audiences can follow along on social media as we livestream and update @OutsidetheMarch.

The best part: tickets are only $10.


“The storytelling, the creativity, the wonderful acting and improvisation, the personalisation and immersion – was all incredible, and the experience was shared with such warmth – I am grinning from ear to ear. This, for me, is immersive theatre at it’s best.”
– Nina T. (audience member)


Since its premiere in March 2020, The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries has expanded into Outside the March’s longest-running project to date. We’ve solved mysteries for 1200+ households in every province and on every continent, totalling 200+ cities in 23 countries. Highlights so far include:

  • In June 2020 169 free experiences were offered through a partnership with SummerWorks, including 15 ASL experiences for Deaf and HOH audiences
  • In August 2020, MMM: Playdate Edition was developed with Theatre Direct and TO Live, a TYA-version of investigations with accompanying education materials that allowed kids in isolation to reconnect with their friends over the phone
  • From October to December 2020, with the support of Unity Health and The Joy Fund, MMM: Frontline Edition, adapted the one-week experience into one-hour, free experiences for frontline workers in Toronto
  • The Pay-It-Forward program, where audiences could donate a free experience to someone in need, resulted in over 40 experiences donated through partnerships with Amica Senior Lifestyles, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto, and L’Arche Toronto
  • MMM was adapted into an Artists in the Classroom initiative, finding its way into the virtual halls of high schools across Ontario. Through in-class lessons in improvisation students found a way to connect, play, and develop their own work in the virtual landscape.
  • In March 2021 and April 2022, the ASL edition was featured at the SOUND OFF Festival. Click here for more information.
  • In June 2021, a one-hour “Power Hour” version was featured at the International Children’s Festival of the Arts.
  • In June 2021, Inspectors Kanagasekarampillai & Yuzwenko-Martin created a new ASL edition, The Ministry of Cisnormative Mysteries, in collaboration with Deaf Spectrum and Pride Toronto.
  • In June 2022, the Ministry opened a French-language wing: Le Ministère des moindres mystères, performing for French-speaking audiences across Canada and Quebec and around the world. With Atlantic Canadian experiences offered in partnership with Théatre DesAssimilés.

Since investigations opened worldwide in 2020, The Ministry has investigated mundanities in over 233 cities. The project expanded to offer independent artists in some of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic the opportunity to stay active and connected:

In November 2020, Lima-based Peruvian theatre company Animalien premiered La Central de Misterios Cotidianos, a Spanish-language adaptation of Mundane Mysteries. Peru has had one of the highest mortality increases in the world during the pandemic.

In December 2020, The Thespo Festival, an iconic youth theatre festival based in Mumbai, India has programmed a run of Mundane Mysteries, hiring a dozen local performers aged 18 to 25 to take on lighthearted mysteries posed by Indian audiences, like “The Case of the Aliens at Alibag Beach,” and “The Case of the Missing Ghagra-Choli.”


Explore all our mysteries worldwide using our interactive map. Click the button in the top left corner to open the legend and see all the different mysteries we’ve solved, or use your cursor to move around the world and see where mundanity is wreaking the most havoc!

*This is a CAEA production under the Independent Theatre Agreement

On a Telephone Near You

Make the week of someone you love just a little bit weird.

- New York Times
Outside The March
- New York Times

There’s been a lot of immersive theatre in my little life. This was my favourite.

- CBC Arts
Outside The March
- CBC Arts

Done with spontaneity, intelligence and a sense of fun.

- NOW Magazine
Outside The March
- NOW Magazine

Ringing Endorsement for Phone Theatre ★★★★1/2

- Winnipeg Free Press
Outside The March
- Winnipeg Free Press

I felt like the star of my own fairytale detective story.

- No Proscenium
Outside The March
- No Proscenium

Fun, engaging, uplifting, full of unexpected turns and presented by an expert team.

- Lynn Slotkin
Outside The March
- Lynn Slotkin

I’m continually amazed by the intricate and labyrinthine organization that goes into an OtM show, designed to produce the ultimate immersive theatrical experience.

- Ludwig van Toronto
Outside The March
- Ludwig van Toronto
Outside The March

Cast & Creative Team

Nick Blais
Katherine Cullen
Mitchell Cushman
Anahita Dehbonehie
Colin Doyle
Sebastien Heins
Amy Keating
Griffin McInnes

Herbie Barnes
Madeleine Brown
Christy Bruce
Christol Bryan
Jamie Cavanagh
Katherine Cullen
Shannon Currie
Colin Doyle
Sheri Godda
Pat Gourdeau
Sebastien Heins
Todd Houseman
Toby Hughes
Liz Johnston
Thurga Kanagasekarampillai
Amy Keating
Connor Low
Caitlin McConkey-Pirie
Kenn McLeod
Chris Mejaki
Francis Melling
Gislina Patterson
Anand Rajaram
Logan Robins
Rafael Rogers
Jonathan Shaboo
Jillian Welsh
Connor Yuzwenko-Martin

Ministry Direction
Mitchell Cushman
Griffin McInnes

Ministry Design
Nick Blais
Anahita Dehbonehie

Ministry ASL Interpretation
Carmelle Cachero
Amanda Hyde

Ministry Jingle
Britta Johnson
Adam Sakiyama 

Ministry: Playdate Edition
Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Artistic Consultant
Pragna Desai, Enrichment Materials Lead Producer & Creator
Madeleine Brown, Assistant Director / Associate Dramaturge / Associate Enrichment Materials Associate Producer & Creator
Rosamund Small, Associate Dramaturge
Kate Walker, Outreach and Marketing Liaison

Le Ministère des moindres mystères
Mis en scène: Griffin McInnes
Enquêteurs: Geneviève Fontaine et Florian François
Traduction et adaptation de l’anglais: Olivier Nadon
Conseiller au rayonnement: Pierre Simpson
Productrice et service de conciergerie: Laura McCallum
Chanson thème (adaptation en français): Cynthia Chalifour
Assistance à la mise en scène: Olivier Blais
French performances in Nova Scotia presented in association with Halifax’s Théâtre DesAssimilés

Ministry Concierge Service
Laura McCallum
Rosamund Small
Zoe Danahy
Amy Keating
James Ersil

Ministry Website Design
Colin Simmons